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My top 3 favourite lenses

For me its all about the lens. I’m not that bothered about having the lastest mega pixel wonder camera body - they come and go - but lenses they make the BIG difference to your photos.

So you marry lenses

Heres my top 3........

THIRD PLACE – The Canon 35mm f1.4 USM – mark 1

I’ve had this lens for a long time and initially I didn’t like the 35mm focal length – it was’nt wide enough most of the time and I really struggled with it but gradually I got used to the 35mm view and now its actually my favourite focal length.

But what really won me over is that this lens has that something special in the “look” of its photos especially at f1.4

Here are some samples......

Best in poor light for people where things are a bit crowded, I use it on the dance floor at f2 quite a bit. So why not no1? Well the big problem is when in focus its amazing but its hit rate is not that good. Even on a Canon 5d mark IV the hit rate with this lens is not that good, things improve if you stop it down to f2 but the whole point is to shoot wide open.

SECOND PLACE – Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S

My main lens, used for everything – the one I grab first.

A 24-70 f2.8 is just so versatile; able to do close ups, wide shots and even nice portraits - there's no excuse for missing a shot with this lens. This is also the lens that justified me investing in the Z mirrorless system – its that good. Compared to the F mount and EF versions of the 24-70 this is so far ahead in terms of sharpness across the frame.

Here are some samples......

Its really good at close ups and that edge to edge sharpness for group shots is brilliant at f2.8.

FIRST PLACE – The Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS II

The more I thought about which lens I liked the best the more I came back to my 70-200. I've owned this longer than any other bit of equipment and its so good I don't think I need to replace unless it breaks...

Built like a tank, loads of range, lovely compression over 135mm, sharp throughout the zoom range, fast autofocus which flatters any camera and just really nice looking photos. And it always gets all the best remarks from guests ;)

Its just got that look....

Can even do a close up if pushed

Good for hanging back and keeping out the way

The only downsides - you need a strong arm and back - it will make its self known over the course of a wedding day. Plus its minimum focus distance means its not that good in a tight small place.

But I can forgive the weight (almost) because what this lens really gives me is the ability to hang back, disappear and catch moments....

Lastly heres 2 to show its range....

First 70mm

Then 200mm

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