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A fantastic day at Deer's Leap Retreat, West Anstey

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Wow what a day!!! Take these ingredients - a beautiful quiet venue deep in the countryside, camping n glamping, Yurty bell tents, campervans (oh yes), a large farmhouse to stay in too, hot tubs, most guests stayed over, a fairy light encrusted barn and bar, a tennis court come lets play lots of games area, quite a lot of cheese, a lake with fish (not for eating), beer on tap, a large collection of fab friends and family, covered outside ceremony area , an assortment of colourful Kilts, large patio with lots of fairy lights and flower baskets, mountains and mountains of paella, a live band, floaty lantern things, super outdoor games, a very well stocked gin bar, a cream tea (although the cream and jam might have been the wrong way round lol), a handy sharp dirk, lots and lots and lots of laughter, did I mention the amount of cheese, an amazing fun couple who had a totally wonderful day to remember :)

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